Coming Clean – Addressing the Issues Where a Student Self Declares Contract Cheating Slides

The second session I was involved with delivering at the European Conference on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism 2022 was a workshop held alongside four of the UK’s best known academic integrity practitioners. This was also a rather unique experience, since both delegates and presenters were split between the conference location and virtual delivery.

We held a largely discussion based session looking at an emerging issue in contract cheating policy development, the situation where a students want to come clean and admit that they have contract cheated.

You can see the slides I used below. They are also on my SlideShare account).

We hope to share more in a future publication, but as the workshop explored, this is a complex situation. A student may be forced to come clean due to threats of extortion or blackmail, or they may just wish to equip themselves for success in the future. Then there is a difficult balance to strike between supporting the student but making sure that they have not benefitted from breaching academic misconduct.

These are the tricky type of issues surrounding contract cheating that we are likely to here much more about in the months and years to come.

Contract Cheating Marketing in Thailand Slides

At the European Conference on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism 2022 (held in a hybrid in-person and virtual mode), I was pleased to debut some results from a research study co-developed with student partner Pundao Lertratkosum.

These considered the little explored area of contract cheating outside the English language, in this case looking at contract cheating in Thailand.

You can see the slides I used below. They are also on my SlideShare account).

This research was developed as part of the Imperial College London StudentShapers’ scheme. It also featured as a case study in my Academic Integrity in STEMM module.

We found plenty of examples of contract cheating offers being circulated on social media and direct ways for students to connect with firms. Otherwise, there are many parallels with the English language contract cheating industry, including a very similar template based design to sites.

We hope to share more in an upcoming publication, but in the mean time, we encourage others to explore contract cheating in their native languages and locations.

Contract Cheating and Emerging Academic Integrity Issues Slides

I was asked to speak about contract cheating to the teaching and learning leadership team at NUI Galway as part of an event designed to help them to reconsider, redevelop and improve their academic integrity processes.

You can see the slides I used below (and also on my SlideShare account).

One of the main ideas I tried to get across is that contract cheating is not new, nor do the approaches to contract cheating remain the same. One of the biggest challenges I picked up on is the growth of automated writing software, something that the contract cheating industry may itself come to make substantial use of. I have more to say about that in forthcoming work.

Contract Cheating – Valuing Teaching, Learning and Education Keynote Slides

In my keynote address for Valuing Ireland’s Teaching and Learning Week, I talked about contract cheating and how to help students to develop the core skills necessary for their own success.

You can see the slides I used below (and also on my SlideShare account).

Although contract cheating is a challenge for all of us, there is a lot of excellent work going on around the world to try and lead to change. As I’ve said so often, addressing contract cheating requires a whole community approach.

Contract Cheating – Celebrating 15 Years? Feature Presentation Slides

Wednesday October 20 2021 marked the Sixth International Day of Action against Contract Cheating. The online activities were slightly scaled back compared to 2020, but I was delighted to deliver the opening address before joining a panel discussing contract cheating on an international level.

I used the opportunity to discuss how it was 15 years since Robert Clarke and I published our first paper on contract cheating and to ask how the sector was adapting to this.

You can see the slides I used below (and also on my SlideShare account).

The video of the presentation and the accompanying panel is also available on YouTube.

In the presentation I discussed both the positive changes happening in the sector around contract cheating, but I also offered a warning about emerging developments which the sector should be aware of (I also wrote more about contract cheating challenges on LinkedIn here).

My view is that generally things are moving in the right direction, but if left unchecked the new challenges will just move into the place of the old ones. This is one of those areas where the educational community really has to be proactive.

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