Contract Cheating – Solutions for Prevention and Identification – Academic Integrity Bournemouth University Series

Is contract cheating still a challenge for education, even in light of new ways to cheat and the growth of AI writing technologies? My belief is it is, and I provided an introductory presentation on contract cheating for the Academic Integrity Bournemouth University series of webinars.

You can see the slides below, which contained from fresh examples. They are also on my SlideShare account.

Going forward, there is a question to be asked regarding if students will still go to contract cheating providers, or if they will head straight to language models. I suspect that both of these options will be part of the mix. I do feel that many of the recommendations I have for addressing contract cheating, including checking that students are actively involved in the production of assessed work, may help us to address the misuse of emerging AI systems as well.

Do connect with me if I can help to develop or deliver a seminar on contract cheating for your organisation.

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