Contract Cheating Marketing in Thailand Slides

At the European Conference on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism 2022 (held in a hybrid in-person and virtual mode), I was pleased to debut some results from a research study co-developed with student partner Pundao Lertratkosum.

These considered the little explored area of contract cheating outside the English language, in this case looking at contract cheating in Thailand.

You can see the slides I used below. They are also on my SlideShare account).

This research was developed as part of the Imperial College London StudentShapers’ scheme. It also featured as a case study in my Academic Integrity in STEMM module.

We found plenty of examples of contract cheating offers being circulated on social media and direct ways for students to connect with firms. Otherwise, there are many parallels with the English language contract cheating industry, including a very similar template based design to sites.

We hope to share more in an upcoming publication, but in the mean time, we encourage others to explore contract cheating in their native languages and locations.

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