Positive Interventions in the Age of Contract Cheating – Manitoba Academic Integrity Network (MAIN) Speaker Series

For what is likely to be my final open webinar for 2022, I spoke for the Manitoba Academic Integrity Network as part of their speaker series.

The topic was contract cheating, providing a general introduction, but also focusing on opportunities to develop assessment and to work with students as partners.

You can see the slides I used below. They are also on my SlideShare account).

The associated discussion for this one was very wide ranging, with lots of interest in the contract cheating industry, how it works and the writers supplying students with work. There was also discussion of the methods attendees were seeing on their campuses encouraging students to buy essays, including how contract cheating providers are recruiting students as brand ambassadors to work directly on campus.

The Manitoba Academic Integrity Network run a regular series of webinars with top notch speakers. Although I can’t directly share the recording, you may be able to access it through them. There is a lot of continued interest in contract cheating and it’s far from a solved problem.

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