Winning The Contract Cheating Battle

These slides come from a talk delivered for Engineering at the University of Sheffield. They contain many more examples specific to that academic discipline than my usual talks.

The slides, can be accessed on my SlideShare account, or viewed below.

The slides also contain details of the cheating scandal in Australia, including the link between YingCredible Tutoring and MyMaster – which is one of the largest known examples of contract cheating.

After the talk, we had a long discussion about how an assignment and test can be linked together, with lots of good ideas shared for Engineering. Such an approach means that a cheating student would still not be able to prosper, as even though they would complete the coursework element, they would struggle with the linked assessment.

2 thoughts on “Winning The Contract Cheating Battle”

  1. There aren’t many videos recorded of me discussing contract cheating, apart from the occasional conference talk I’ve done my own version of. That is something I want to put more of out there.

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