Computer Science – Birmingham City University – Word Cloud

I thought I’d generate another word cloud, so here’s one for BSc Computer Science at Birmingham City University, the course which I’m in charge of.

The text for the word cloud was generated by manually taking the text from the four tabs on the official BSc Computer Science course information page on the Birmingham City University web site.

Word cloud showing the BSc Computer Science course at Birmingham City UniversityIt’s interesting, as I think that this represents the course and it’s industrial focus very well, in particular the focus on software and systems. Many of the main course areas are prominent. The only word which looks out of place is the word credits, but that’s reflects the details of specific modules provided (quite rightfully) on the course information page.

Feel free to try this for your course and let me know if the word cloud offers a good representation.

2 thoughts on “Computer Science – Birmingham City University – Word Cloud”

  1. Hello Thomas,

    I think your word cloud represents what I’m trying to achieve on my new personal tech blog IT Guide (still under construction), and would like to use it on my front page. Please let me know if that’s alright with you.

    Best regards,

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