1000 Twitter Impressions Per Day In 2016 (Video Version)

I recently presented 10 strategies I use to encourage Twitter engagement.

I’ve provided more detail about these strategies in this video version, looking particularly at the tweets that have got me results in 2016 and the reasons behind this.

It’s really interesting to look back and see which strategies work – and which activities I did that are useful for other professional purposes, but not strictly for viewers.

Do take a look at the video and feed back any ideas to improve engagement in the comments section below.

1000 Twitter Impressions Per Day In 2016 – Use These Twitter Strategies To Get Your Tweets Noticed

Having an active and engaged Twitter audience is of increasing importance to academics looking to market themselves. As an academic whose work and influence spans multiple fields, ranging from promoting and marketing courses, helping students to develop contacts and gain employment, working with startup companies and promoting my research and media interests, my Twitter network covers several different types of people.

I’m now in the position where my tweets are consistently receiving an average of over 1000 impressions per day and, in many cases, substantially more impressions. I’ve analysed my successful tweets of 2016 and used these to identify the general strategies that have worked best for me.

I’m presenting the 2016 Twitter analysis in the form of a set of slides. These slides can be viewed on my SlideShare account. You can also see the slides embedded below.


Based on this analysis, I can recommend the following 10 strategies. They should be appropriate for academics, but also anyone looking to increase their exposure on Twitter.

Strategy #1: Use tweets with photos (or include other images)

Strategy #2: Mention influential people in tweets (so long as they will care enough to retweet)

Strategy #3: Mention companies who will want the publicity in tweets

Strategy #4: Use tweets to promote the agenda and events of the company that you work for

Strategy #5: Tweet positive comments relating to the achievements of others

Strategy #6: Engage with Twitter hashtags, or generate them when they don’t already exist

Strategy #7: Use multiple tweets on a related theme to build interest

Strategy #8: Retweet other people to help them increase their Twitter reach

Strategy #9: Attend (or organise) events and engage with them widely on Twitter

Strategy #10: Tweet interesting content on a regular basis

Marketing in a professional manner on social media should be a key part of how all academics and students operate. By looking at these strategies and identifying how they apply to you, it should be possible to easily extend your Twitter reach.

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