The Underlying Causes of Academic Cheating – Keynote Presentation From Westminster Higher Education Forum On Contract Cheating

The Westminster Higher Education Forum held an event focused on contract cheating on 22 May 2019. I delivered the opening keynote as part of a wide range of talks addressing the contract cheating problem.

During my presentation I considered the reasons why students cheat, including examples from my previous research in South East Europe and my recent paper examining why students say they cheat on Twitter.

The slides I used are available on my SlideShare account. They are also included below.

I argued that there are multiple reasons why students cheat, but much of this comes down to the easy availability of contract cheating services, ready to take advantage of students when they feel under the most pressure.

The whole event was interesting, with a lot of focus on the legal approaches to address contract cheating and the grey areas surrounding this, such as how far students can use proofreading services.