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I’m represented across the Web in a number of places. I’ve been involved with research and teaching showing studnets how to set up a professional presence online and this is an area that I feel strongly about.

Here are the main links to my other professional sites and profiles:

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I am an experienced Computer Science academic, best known for research work into academic integrity, plagiarism and contract cheating. I have held leadership positions in several universities, with specialty in student recruitment and keen interest in working in partnership with students. More information about my activities is available on my blog.
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Welcome to my site, here at, where you can find out more about me, Dr Thomas Lancaster. I work as an Associate Dean responsible for student recruitment at Staffordshire University, United Kingdom. I'm best known for my research work into contract cheating and academic integrity. Feel free to browse, and to check out my other social profiles.

You can also read and comment on my blog posts about academic integrity, research and student employability at

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