Contract Cheating – A Workshop On The Bespoke Assessment Industry

I’m often asked to deliver workshops on contract cheating for different audiences and academic disciplines and I’m always keen to help with these if I can fit them into my schedule.

I delivered a workshop for the Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences Learning and Teaching Conference at Sheffield Hallam University, which I presented as a way to encourage academics there to think about the type of assessments that they were asking students to complete.

You can see the slides for the workshop on my SlideShare account. They are also embedded below.

This workshop led to a particularly interesting discussion about what types of assignments work best in different disciplines. I do continue to believe that subject specific solutions to contract cheating are needed, although much of the necessary work does not seem to have happened yet.

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Article by Thomas Lancaster

I am an experienced Computer Science academic, best known for research work into academic integrity, plagiarism and contract cheating. I have held leadership positions in several universities, with specialty in student recruitment and keen interest in working in partnership with students. Please browse around the blog and the links, and feel free to leave your thoughts.
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  1. Hi, my name is Elmi Salazar and I am a coordinator of academic integrity projects at Universidad de Monterrey from Mexico. Actually, we are working on contract cheating topic, this issue is a new practice in between students in our country, and exist a few information about it, we have a lot of questions, for example: how do you doing to detect this practice? what sanctions must be assigned? thank you for your support.

  2. There’s a growing amount of research work in this area, along with practical examples, but those are difficult questions to answer. The problem of contract cheating is not solved. I recommend that you look at some of my other work, including many of my previous talks.

    Feel free to email me if I can help at

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